Kordia Cherries 1 Kg

Scientific name: Prunus avium Kordia

Cherry variety name: Kordia, Attika, Techlovika II

Origin: Techlovice – CEHIA, excellent variety, crack resistant under extreme humidity conditions.

The vigor of the tree: medium-sized variety Depending on the rootstock, the diameter of the crown reaches 2.5-3 m on Gisela 5, Krymsk 5 and the height of 3-4 m.

Blooming: The blooming period is mid-April

Fruit maturing period: medium variety, after 15 June-July. Later with 7 days compared to cherry variety Regina.

Production: once in the fruit – fructify annually, uniformly with excellent quality fruits.

Fruit Size: Fruit of about 10-11 grams with a diameter of 2.7 cm.

The color of the “skin” fruit: dark red to black-glossy.

Fruit shape: cordiform-heart

Taste: the fruit is sweet, balanced with discreet aroma, with an acidity of 10.5 g / L and a sugar content expressed in Brix degrees of 16.6.

Pulp: crusty and succulent

Fruit storage: fruit can be stored for up to 20 days under special storage conditions

Usage: fresh and processed (jam, sweet, compote).

Pollination: It is a kind of autosterile flower and requires pollinators (Regina, Van, Sylvia, Ferrovia).

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