Cherry Orchard

Carried out on an area of ​​50,000 sqm, of which 46,355 sqm destined exclusively for the cherry plantation in a super intensive system on the Gisella 5 rootstock.

The whole plantation is covered with hail protection systemrain foil and Anti-Drosophila Suzukii net.

The irrigation and fertilization system is carried out automatically by drip lines that ensure the water needs of the plants, the supply being made from an own storage basin of 302 cubic meters provided with specific filters, a basin that is fed in turn from a medium depth spring.

The orchard has a park of specific agricultural equipment, as well as an annex (hall) for storage, processing and conditioning provided with cold rooms, calibration area, processing, processing, warehouses and administrative spaces equipped with modern technology for storing fruit in spaces with controlled atmosphere.

Instant cooling of the fruits and bringing to the optimal temperature for conditioning and storage is performed through a hydrocooling system.

Calibration and selection of fruits depending on color, size and possible defects is performed with modern equipment.

The harvest of the early culture is carried out in the first part of May and the latest harvest is carried out until the middle of July.

Part of the cherry crop in the plantation is intended for processing, so Maya’s offers its customers not only fresh fruit but also a jam made according to a traditional recipe with a special taste.

The transformation of fruits into jam is achieved with modern technological lines respecting all the norms provided by the legislation and the sanitary norms for food safety.

The transport of fruits and jam to customers is carried out with its own machine equipped with a cooling system to ensure an optimal specific temperature.

The entire plantation has perimeter lighting.