Wild Black Cherry - 1 KG
Wild Black Cherry - 1 KG

Wild Black Cherry - 1 KG

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Popular name: Cires pasaresc, Cires forest

Scientific name: Cerasus avium var. silvestris

Origin, spread: Indigenous tree originating in Europe, Asia Minor, Western Siberia and North Africa. In our country it is part of the spontaneous flora and is found from Campie to the Montana Zone (1,000 meters altitude).

Use: Tree decoration in parks, gardens and rootstocks (for cherry varieties).

Growth conditions:

- Cherry cherry (Cerasus avium) is moderately pretentious to the soil but pepper fertile soil, well drained, reefs. The cherry weeds well on the Argiloase, Lutease, Sandy and Calcareous soils (rich in carbonates);

- Frost and drought resistant species;

- Cherry cherry (Cerasus avium) is a species that grows well in large cities;

- Light: The cherry tree is a tree of temperament of light (preferring sunny places)

- Cutting - to shape the shape of the crown is done at the end of winter or early spring. In areas where there is a risk of infection with (Chondrostereum purpureum) that causes silver leaf disease - cutting of plants is done in the middle of the summer;

Planting the cherry cherry: planting is done during vegetative rest (autumn-spring) if the soil is not frozen and in the air we have temperatures above 5 ° C.

Ornamental Properties:

- Decorative tree species through the harbor, bark, flowers, fruits;

- The smooth, shiny bluish-violet bark is exfoliated in circular bands. In old age, thick and blackish thrush is formed at the base of the stem;

- The strain is right;

- Branches (lujers) are glabri (without perches), ash or reddish brown, covered by a loose skin;

- The flowers are white, arranged in the shape of a umbel (3-6), with 3-5 cm in length, occurring in spring (April) before blooming;

- The "cherry" fruit is of the globular dwarf type, with a diameter of 1 cm, at maturity becomes dark red to black, glossy. It is edible, soft, bitter-sweet. The first fruits occur at the age of 8-10 years;

- Leaves are oblong, oblong-ovate, 8-15 cm long, green in color;

Ornamental use in parks and gardens. It is planted solitarily in groups, alignments, or at the edge of the massifs.

Forest cherry wood is valuable, it has a reddish-brown, hard and hard finish.

Dimensions, varieties-cultivars:

Cherry cherry (Cerasus avium) is a tree whose height reaches 12 meters and the plant diameter of 8 m.

Multiplication of the cherry: Seed multiplication;

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